This is Loral

Loral Langemeier
draws from her personal experience when guiding others toward prosperity. Loral built her first business in college and soon after started establishing a multi-million-dollar portfolio of properties and stocks. A passionate advocate of helping women master money management, she offers straightforward principles and concepts for achieving financial stability and independence.

A pioneer in financial coaching, Loral Langemeier M.A CPPC and founder of Live Out Loud, empowers individuals to build wealth and achieve financial success. Her unique coaching style is based on establishing a personal Financial Wealth Cycle™. Almost more important than financial wealth, is building the character to create it. Beginning with developing financial literacy based on straightforward principles and concepts, establishing a foundation upon which to build stability and direction, Langemeier helps establish measurable financial goals with action-oriented steps.

With a background in personal and organizational development at Fortune 1000 companies, she has been able to effectively inspire audiences to embrace her philosophy for financial development, and apply it to a realistic financial roadmap. Combining the down-to-business candor of Robert Kiyosaki, the personal accountability of Bob Proctor and the solid financial principles of Peter Jeppson, Langemeier has emerged as one of the most exciting business and motivational speakers to hit the lecture platform.

Her peers recognize her for her personal commitment to helping women learn about money management. Through writings, seminars, and coaching, Langemeier inspires women to identify their financial goals, take action to achieve them, and as a net result, achieve financial freedom. Her success stories include helping women become self-made entrepreneurs, achieving a net worth of over $1 million in less than 4 years, and creating on-going wealth by investing in real-estate, stock, and venture capital opportunities.

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