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What Keeps you From Living a Bold, Outrageous, Faith-Filled Life?....

Let best-selling author
Lisa Jimenez personally
teach you the secrets to living a richer life
(and it's not about the money)

  How many times have you set a goal for yourself that you are excited about, and then, within a very short time you get sidetracked and stop doing the things you know you need to do to accomplish your goals?

Are you lazy?  Do you lack discipline? 

No!  I don’t think it is either of these.  I believe it is your beliefs about letting yourself really live – really love – really succeed – that hold you back!  Many people think they’re just not meant to live an outrageous life.  And that belief keeps them in bondage of mediocrity!

You were never intended to live this way…

Lisa noticed a common thread with most of her coaching clients:  The reason behind unrealized potential is most people have a tremendous hidden fear of money and they don’t feel worthy of success.   This causes them to sabotage the success they say they want!

So this best-selling author of the Conquer Fear! series of books and seminars set out to develop a program that would help us learn how to live beyond what we thought was possible.  The result is an exciting, eye-opening seminar called the Rich Life! Tele-Seminar.

In the Rich Life! Tele-Seminar you’ll learn how to:

  • Cultivate the risk-taker in you

  • Be set free to dream big

  • Think and behave like the rich

  • Silence those annoying voices that keep you from living your rich life

  • Know what you want and find the courage to ask for it

  • Change your beliefs about wealth

  • Know the difference between confidence and self-esteem

  • Destroy doubt and cultivate your faith

  • Break through old habits that hold you back

  • Identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs

  • Create laser focus to build momentum and stay motivated

  • Live outside yourself and your human limitations

  • Attract opportunity to you and,

  • Create an extraordinary adventure and live a life you love!

Living a rich life is not based on materialism. The material is certainly a part of the rich life, but is not the only part. (And if you’re not careful, the material part of life can actually keep you from the kind of life that makes you truly RICH!)

Living a rich life is more a mind set. It is an inner health of how you see yourself and others, what you believe, what you think about, and how you behave. In one succinct sentence…

Living a RICH life is about BEING your full self and living that full self out loud and in color!

This four-part tele-seminar, recorded before a live audience, will teach you how to take control of your thoughts and your beliefs to finally achieve what you really want.  You really can transcend mediocrity, break through your limitations and live a richer life. 

Don’t settle for a life of just getting by.  Learn how to uncover your dreams and live beyond what you thought was possible.  If you are ready to think differently, dream differently, and regain your courage, then order the Rich Life Seminar today.

Listen to this extended sample from one of the sessions


"I did not know what to expect.  I did it out of blind faith.  I never heard of Lisa Jimenez prior to your program.  Now I am so glad I did this." - Richard (Go For More) Lowe, New Jersey


Here’s what people are saying about this powerful program:

“This is the accountability I’ve been lacking.  Thanks Lisa for your homework assignments and for helping me to create a richer life!”  Maureen Mueler, Axiom Institute

“You help me see my success – even before it’s a reality.  Your “Rich Life” program gave me the ability to fight the feeling of overwhelm.”  Tina Marino, Marino Associates

"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your two tele-seminars, Lisa.  You are a magnificent speaker, who presents with passion from your heart.  The material is so valuable, so practical.  I can see why you are changing many lives and inspiring many people.  I learned a great deal from your programs. Keep up the phenomenal work! Jeff Keller, Author and Founder,

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