Phone Rates

We considered the option of having a toll free 800 dial in but it would have added about $50 to the cost of the program and we thought that our subscribers would rather invest the money in themselves instead of the phone company. 

Depending on the calling plan you have at home, it shouldn't be more than a few dollars per call.  For instance, if your plan is 7 cents day or night, it would be $4.20 for a one-hour call.  One option if you don't have a good plan is to use a dial around service like 10-10-220 or 10-15-335.  With the rates of 10-15-335, your call would cost about $2.50.  

Here’s a couple of other good options: has 2.9 cents per minute with a local access number in most cities. is 2.9 cents and no extra phone company taxes. 

Phone Cards at Sam's Club are always renewable and are around 3.4 cents/min. 

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