Finally: It explains why two people can seem to be equal in all things. Yet one turns everything they touch into gold and the other person goes from one back-breaking crisis to the next...

"Who Else is Ready to Change Your
Mysterious 'Mental Thermostat'
That is Responsible for All Success
(and All Failure)?"

Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you tap into this "Mysterious" force."

Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics

Monday 8:37 p.m.

FR: Vic Johnson
RE: The 13 Words That Changed My Life

Dear Friend,

Thirteen words took me from a life where I'd lost my home, my last car and was living below the poverty level --- to a seven-figure business, million-dollar waterfront home and jet set travel to the hottest glamour spots in the world.

Maybe you find yourself confronting some of the same challenges I faced:

  • Do you find yourself on the edge of succeeding at something and then all of a sudden everything falls apart? (it's called self-sabotage and it kills millions of dreams everyday. Learn how to blast away self-sabotage forever)
  • Have you struggled for years with the knowledge that you have at least as much on the ball as many others who have succeeded, but you're still mired in mediocre results?
  • Do you come up with some great ideas that you know could change your life but you never seem to get started on them?
  • Are you working harder but can’t seem to make any progress?
  • Are you frustrated because you just can’t breakthrough the barriers in your life?
  • Do you have a “settle for” attitude (ie., “it’s not what I want but it’s better than a lot of people have.”)
  • Are you tired of watching others zoom by on the super-success highway while you seem stuck on the side of the road?

fade-leftfade-rightThe 'mental thermostat' that controls all

At a weekend seminar in October 1997 I heard the thirteen words that forever changed my life: "The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief." Read those words again. In fact, read them over and over until they really strike home.

When the speaker uttered that quote from The Magic of Thinking Big, I instantly knew that I had finally found the missing piece to my success puzzle.

I realized at that moment that all my years of frustration had been governed by the "mental thermostat" called "belief." Where ever my belief was "set" would determine how successful (or how unsuccessful) I would be.

The miserable life I was leading at that time was a direct result of the beliefs that I held. If I wanted to change my life, I had to change my belief.

Napoleon Hill, writing in the classic Think and Grow Rich, said that belief and desire are the beginning of all achievement. If one of those key ingredients is missing, success is almost impossible.

That might explain why a lot of people get excited about an idea (desire) but fail to follow through with it (belief). It's rare that we will attempt to do something that we don't believe in, and we will never give 100% of our effort to something without a strong belief that we can do it. It's our human defense mechanism. In As A Man Thinketh, James Allen tells us, "The will to do springs from the knowledge that we can do." In Above Life's Turmoil he tells us, "Belief always precedes action."

That certainly helped me understand why I'd find myself with some great ideas that I thought would be successful, and then six months would pass by and I hadn't done anything about them. I didn't have the deep down belief they'd be successful, so I simply didn't take any action on them. And that's the same experience that most people have that steals the great dreams they have for their lives.

Napoleon Hill wrote a very telling line in Think and Grow Rich: "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." That's pretty clear and straightforward. And you can see that power of belief at work in the lives of all successful people...

It's the "Secret" of Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees
and Every Other Great Achiever

In 2005 quarterback Drew Brees had major surgery on his throwing arm. To many, his prospects for a future as an NFL quarterback looked dim. The San Diego Chargers agreed and decided to let him go in favor of a younger, taller QB.

But Brees had developed a special "belief" in himself, and that was part of what attracted the New Orleans Saints to take a gamble on him and sign him to a contract.

Just four years later, he was leading his Saints to the Super Bowl. But most gave them no chance against the mighty Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning.

At the end of the first quarter it looked like the experts were right with New Orleans losing 10-0.

But as Brees explained after the game, "We just continued to believe in ourselves and found a way to win."

And win they did, in a roaring 31-17 fashion. Brees tied a Super Bowl record with 32 successful completions and led the Saints to their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history.

Only one thing made the difference --- BELIEF!

It works for Super Bowl Champions and it'll work for you!

The ONLY difference between where you are now and where you can be --- is belief --- pure and simple. When you begin to believe in yourself you are going to experience success you can hardly imagine today. And my life is a testament to that truth.

I walked away from that weekend event with a commitment and a plan to change my belief. Over a 90-day period as I put my plan to work, incredible things began to happen in my life. People and opportunities appeared as if from nowhere and my financial fortunes began to change. Within six months I had qualified in the top 2% in sales in my company. Within a year I was earning six-figures after having earned just $14,027 the year before. Within a handful of years I had built a seven-figure business (and lifestyle!).

Because I changed my belief!

My experience, and the lessons from my 90-day program, that taught me how to use the power of belief to create a life of wealth and abundance, are all included in a powerful program rightfully named Can You Believe It? Thousands of people have used this program to create an unstoppable belief, including Tina Downey of Atlanta:

Case Study: How Tina Downey Turned Her New Belief Into a 33% Increase in Sales And Then Her Very Own Product Endorsed by Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar and Others...

I had been with my company about seven years, I had my own home based business. It was very successful, had made it to a leadership position, but wasn't growing. You know I got to one position and I could not go any further and I did not know why.

Tina Downey discovered what can happen when you believe in yourself

I knew something was missing and I didn't know what. So I fortunately heard the top person in our company speak, and I'd heard him several times. Sometimes we finally get it. He said the number one reason that people succeed in this business is belief. And when I heard him, I really heard him and realized that's what I didn't have enough of. You know, I believed in my company. I believed in my product, but needed to have more belief in myself. And I didn't know really how to do that, how to build that.

A week later I learned about Vic Johnson's Can You Believe It? Seminar. And I took that and started implementing everything that I learned over and over into my business. And as I did, my business began to grow. The more belief that I had, the more business grew.

And as a result this last year, I had a 33% increase in my monthly sales. And that was incredible because it had not grown at all for three years. And the only thing that I did differently was Vic's seminar. So I found that incredible.

UPDATE: After Tina turned her belief into an increase in sales, she used her new belief to develop a product that actually helps people improve their belief. She calls it My Success Box (at and it's been endorsed by Zig Ziglar and Bob Proctor, among others.

Here are just a few of the powerful principles that Tina learned from the
Can You Believe It Program --- that will explode the results in your life:

  • Jim Carrey's lesson in creating the belief that propelled him to super-stardom and $20 million a picture.
  • The AAI principle taught by the sages through all of history. This simple technique works without fail.
  • How your belief affects your health and healing and how to change it (that doctor visit may not be necessary most of the time)
  • This "secret" used by big advertisers also changes any "limiting" belief you have.
  • Understanding and using the "Pink Elephant Principle" to create a rock-solid belief.
  • Here are the same techniques used by Michael Phelps, Venus and Serena Williams, Lebron James and all world-class athletes.
  • How to use "Truth Cards" to rapidly eliminate self-limiting beliefs and words that lead to destructive, self-sabotaging behavior. Get off the roller coaster and get onto the express lane to the goals and dreams you've always wanted.
  • Re-set your financial, emotional and mental thermostats to allow for the infinite increase in wealth in all areas of your life, including boatloads of money, nurturing and fulfilling relationships, and vibrant personal fitness.
  • Use the "insider's secret" to overcoming procrastination. Everybody is guilty of it, but the super-successful use this secret to blast through procrastination and create massive and ongoing momentum.

Use the same technique Jim Carrey did to believe in yourself - it earned Jim $20 million a picture. What will it do for you? Get started today and find out...

Listen to this sample Lesson

Feedback from satisfied users of Can You Believe It?

“I have a PhD in Adult Education and am a course designer/trainer in my occupation. [This is a] very good interactive workbook and excellent exercises…This course is definitely worth keeping and doing again.” – Robert Blick, Florida

"This the most practical, effective and productive program I have ever experienced.” – Connie Leong, Hong Kong

“Last Wednesday morning, before traveling to Anaheim for 2 seminars that day -both work related- I opened The Power of Belief. There is was. In simple black and white. And I was aware of it for years. In second grade I was informed that I had an inferiority complex. I was surprised and saddened. But I accepted it. (Acceptance of what everyone else told me has been the root of much of my mediocrity. A person with an inferiority complex can’t be expected, or expect herself, to be very wise, smart, creative, and brilliant, right?) So, there with those pages in my hands, I came to face what is probably the real root of my unsuccessful life–I didn’t believe in myself, my abilities, my judgment. Those things are critical!

Thank you–that seems like not enough said. Yet nothing but “thank you” really says “Thank You!!!!” – Jewell Pountney, California

How powerful are your thoughts of belief?

Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. This power becomes available to you just as soon as you can change your beliefs."

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Author of Psycho-Cybernetics

Bob Proctor, Star of The Secret, Says:

"Vic Johnson is a great friend. His advice has added tens of thousands of dollars to my business over the past year. In fact, one of his ideas added over $100,000 revenue in one month. Pay attention to him and his material, you will be glad you did. Vic is one of the best things that has ever happened to my business."

The Legendary Jim Rohn Said:

"Vic Johnson can teach you how to dream bigger than you ever thought possible because he struggled to learn how himself. His tried and true methods will expand your vision, invigorate your imagination and set you on the path to living the life you dream."

What others say:

...Vic Johnson will lead you step by step to an extraordinary life! His wisdom, his insights and his character have my 100% endorsement!"

Mike Litman, co-author #1 Best-Selling Conversations with Millionaires

I am a 48 year old man who struggled to build a successful residential building contracting business for years and had a complete breakdown in May of '92 with multiple suicide attempts (two very close calls)…People like you are helping me see that I've been my own JAILER, and I wish to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!! I have far to go yet, but I've begun the journey--that most crucial FIRST STEP, and I just wanted you to know you are making BIG differences in people's lives out here!!"

Mark Houser

Vic is a true-to-life "rags to riches" story. He started as most of us do, with nothing, and then went downhill from there... He now helps thousands of people understand that they are in total control of their own destiny and shows them how to dramatically turn their lives toward an exciting direction. Vic has become a master at providing resources that lead people to higher levels of success and happiness."

Randy “Dr. Proactive” Gilbert, author of Success Bound

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Bonus #1: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Why is one person sad and another person happy? Why is one joyous and prosperous and another poor and miserable? Why is one fearful and anxious and another full of faith and confidence? Why does one have a beautiful, luxurious home while another lives out a meager existence in a slum? This million-selling classic by Dr. Joseph Murphy answers those questions and many more. According to Dr. Murphy, the answers lie in that region of our existence known as the subconscious. It is there that we have an almost “secret” power that only a small percentage ever learn to tap. This is a special eBook version of the original best-selling edition. Sells everyday for $11.66

Bonus #2: The Miracle of Belief

Belief is so powerful it can actually create an outcome! Medical examples of this are legendary when people have literally cured themselves using nothing but the power of belief. In this feature length audio Vic Johnson describes how the power of belief has such an amazing impact for those who know how to use it (and catastrophic results for those who don't).

mp3 Audio $39 Value.

Bonus #3: Truth Cards

During the 90-days that Vic turned his beliefs around, he used techniques he learned from Napoleon Hill, Claude Bristol, David Schwartz and others. One of his most helpful exercises was the creation of a "deck" of what he called "Truth Cards." He'll share the technique in Lesson Three. As a bonus, you can download his entire collection of "Truth Cards" for use in your program.


My One-Year 'Better Than Your Money Back Guarantee' That Your Belief AND Results Will Change Or You Won't Pay!

Here’s the deal. And it’s real simple. I know this training will make a difference in your life just like it did in Tina’s and many others. I know your new-found belief will open the doors to success that you never even knew existed before. But if you’re not thoroughly convinced that Can You Believe It is worth every single penny, just return it for a full 100% refund anytime in the next year. No questions asked! And you’ll keep all the bonuses so it’s even better than just your money back. No weasel words in this guarantee. Just your absolute assurance that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Vic, I'm Past Ready to Change My Results.
Show Me How to Change My Belief and
Tap It's Mysterious Power.

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