Earl Nightingale called it the strangest secret

Up and down stock prices. Rising unemployment. Failing banks. Worsening economy. Government assistance.  Those same concerns mirror those that troubled personal achievement legend Earl Nightingale more than 80 years ago? As a small child, he wondered how some could be so poor while others were so rich. He spent his lifetime looking for the answer and...

When He Discovered It He Called It
he Strangest Secret' -- The Six Most Powerful Words In The Universe…

And This Limited Edition, One-Of-A-Kind Library of Success Will Show You How To Use Those Words to Earn More, Love More and Live More."

If you asked 100 people today the secret of success, the odds are that only a few, if any, could tell you the real truth. Most would have an opinion --- hard work… education… knowing the right people… lucky breaks… and on and on. But most wouldn’t even come close to the real secret.

The fact that most of the people wouldn’t know the real secret of success explains why relatively few people end up living the kind of life they’d like to.

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed and most don’t? Why some people seem to have the “midas touch” while others work harder and yet struggle to get by? Has it discouraged you to see some people almost “effortlessly” selling the same thing that you can hardly find prospects for?

As a young man, Earl Nightingale wondered the same things and he began a relentless search to find the answer. When he discovered it – the answer that he called “the strangest secret” -- it would change his life, the lives of millions of people around the world, and create an entire industry in the process.

The 'Strangest Secret' explained:

  • how one person with identical skills can earn hundreds of thousands more than another

  • how some people shoot to the top of the company while others are fired

  • why some people live happy productive lives while people of identical upbringings and education stumble from failure to failure

  • why some seem to achieve goals almost effortlessly while most can't seem to get on track

  • why some marriages flourish while others end early

Six years after his discovery, Nightingale shared the secret with the world. His recording of “The Strangest Secret” became the first (and only) spoken word message to sell more than a million records. It earned him a Gold Record and the undying thanks of all who used the “secret” to change their lives.

Nightingale went on to produce many more recordings that would radically alter people’s lives. His ground-breaking Lead the Field has been used in thousands of management, executive and sales training programs. Leaders in industry, education and government have called its messages “the greatest of our time.”


First Time Offering: This Limited Edition Library Contains More Than 30 Individual Lessons That Will Steer You Through Troubled Times to Overwhelming Success

By special arrangement with Earl's widow, Diana Nightingale, we’re able to make available for the first time a prized collection of Earl Nightingale’s very best works. This “limited edition” includes his famous works like The Strangest Secret, The Man on the White Horse, The Boss, as well as Creative Thinking, As A Man Thinketh, Acres of Diamonds and The Common Denominator.  In it you'll find:

DVD 1 - Earl Nightingale: The Man, The Storyteller, The Dreamer

DVD 2 - Roadmap to Success

CD 1 - 1956 Gold Record recording of "The Strangest Secret"

CD 2 - The Classic Library
Track 1 - The Magic Word
Track 2 - Acres of Diamonds
Track 3 - The Boss
Track 4 - The Man on the White Horse

CD 3 - The Leadership Library - I
Track 1 - A Worthy Ideal
Track 2 - Power of Mind
Track 3 - Cause & Effect
Track 4 - Truth and Honesty
Track 5 - Conformity

CD 4 - The Leadership Library - II
Track 1 - The Value of Man
Track 2 - Money
Track 3 - The Human Pyramid
Track 4 - Today

CD 5 - The Creative Library - I
Track 1 - Creative Quotient
Track 2 - Characteristics of Creativity
Track 3 - Your Gold Mine
Track 4 - Creative Tools
Track 5 - A Great Man

CD 6 - The Creative Library - II
Track 1 - New Ways to Think
Track 2 - Problem Solving
Track 3 - Brainstorming
Track 4 - Creative Action
Track 5 - The Creative Person
Track 6 - Creative Challenge

This limited edition library of success has been digitally remastered from the original recorded sets and is available now in this special six-CD/two-DVD collection. Here are some of the powerful lessons you’ll learn:

The Magic Word – It’s a two-edged sword which brings us the success we seek – or if misused, a life of disappointment and frustration.

• Greener Pastures – Opportunities are everywhere around you. Learn how to recognize and capitalize on the opportunities in your everyday surroundings.

A Worthy Destination – Set your goals and reach them on schedule. Learn how to go through life from one success to another.

• Miracle of Your Mind – How an hour a day can put you in the top 5%. A single hour a day, properly used, brings you the greatest satisfaction a person can know.

Destiny in the Balance – How to be the Master of Your Fate. Here is told, and defined in detail, the law which is the basis of all economics and personal well-being. The might be called the “law of laws.”

• Seed for Achievement – A single decision can give your life greater direction. Learn how anyone at all can achieve the success he seeks.

It’s Easier to Win – Success can be easier than failure. This message cuts straight through all the confusion as to why we act, talk and conduct ourselves as we do.

• How Much Are You Worth – Look at your life as President of your own company and apply to your life the same practices that have built the most successful companies in the world.

The Boss – it will probably surprise you to know who the real boss is.

• Let’s Talk About Money – Learn how much “enough money” is and how to earn it.

One Thing You Can’t Hide – You can raise your “success ceiling.” This message alone, according to leading experts, can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars of difference in a person’s lifetime income.

• The Man on the White Horse – Learn what every industry and every profession is looking for and how you can furnish it.

Treasure of Your Mind – How much is an idea worth? Learn how to use more of your full brain power.

• Test Your “C.Q.” – You are more creative than you think but not nearly as creative as you’re going to be. This “Creativity Quotient” test is the launching pad for your rise to new creative heights.

Characteristics for Creativity – Really creative people – from Socrates to Schweitzer – have had certain characteristics in common. You have them too. Here is a way to spotlight them in building your own creative personality.

• The Gold Mine Between Your Ears – Your mind is your most amazingly valuable asset. This messages describes the four basic powers of your brain – shows you how to put each one of them to work for you…creatively.

Your Most Valuable Creative Tools – Questions…especially the open-ended type described here…are the creative acts of your intelligence. Learn how to ask these skillful questions and how to benefit from the resulting answers.

• One of History’s Greatest Men – Wherever men pursue truth or dare to be intellectually free, they are following the example of Socrates. This listening-test story about that great man will inspire your own pursuit of the victories of the free mind.

Sharpen Your Listening Skill – Question and answers on the listening test story. Good listening pays high dividend. Here are ten expert ways to increase your listening power – to provide first-hand fuel for your creative thinking.

• New Ways to Think – Here are tested ways to think in new dimensions and spur your mind to creative action. You literally force your brain to work in undiscovered ways when you adopt these new thought patterns.

Creative Problem Solving – Problem solving, decision making, and goal achievement are skills you can improve. Apply these methods and watch your creativity soar.

• The Brainstorm – Here is an important, positive approach to problem solving. Brainstorming – the technique of deferred judgment – means thinking with the breaks off. The rules for brainstorming are simple and tremendously productive.

Ready for Action – The final phases of creative problem solving call for evaluation and action. After you’ve got them all together, your ideas need to be screened for effectiveness, facility, time and cost. Then the six-step action plan helps you get the best ones into operation.

• The Creative Person – Learn how to maintain the attitude and employ the techniques that contribute most to creativity.

The Challenge of Creativity – How creative thinking transforms a laborious chore into an enjoyable, rewarding art.


The legendary Earl Nightingale  The Legendary Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale was born in Los Angeles, California in 1921. By 1933, his father had left him, his mother and two brothers. It was the bottom of the Great Depression and millions were unemployed. Earl’s mother worked at the WPA in a sewing factory to provide for her three boys. They lived in Tent City, behind the old Mariner Apartments on the waterfront in Long Beach, California.   while being poor didn’t seem to bother most of the other kids, it bothered Earl, and he wanted to know why they were so poor, while others, he observed, appeared to be so rich. Why some people were so miserable, while others, so happy. Simply, what made people turn out the way they do.

At that time, no one that Earl asked seemed to have an answer to his questions. Not his mom or any of the other adults in his neighborhood. But certain that someone, somewhere had found the answer and had written it down, Earl marched himself off to the library and began a literary search that would stretch over the next twenty years.  A search that would lead Earl to study the world’s great religions, philosophy and psychology.

When Earl was seventeen, eager to escape his surroundings and explore new and exciting places, he joined the Marines. He was sent to Hawaii and stationed aboard the USS Arizona. He was in his station the morning of the attack on Pearl Harbor and was one of twelve surviving Marines on board that day.

Before being mustered out of the war, Earl was returned to the states and was an instructor at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. While there he noticed a new radio station under construction and applied for a job. He was hired by WJNC and began his radio career.
The young Earl Nightingale
After the war, Earl went to work for KTAR in Phoenix. Radio was in it’s “heyday”, and with Earl’s talent, it wasn’t long before he moved to where the heart of the action was - - Chicago. Offered jobs at both NBC and CBS, he went to work for CBS, where he quickly became a legendary icon to kids across the nation as the voice of radio hero, Sky King. When he wasn’t flying through the sky in his airplane, The Songbird, or riding off on his horse to round up the bad guys, Earl was busy writing and broadcasting his daily radio, and later, television show, from the broadcast stations in the Windy City.

Later, expanding his horizon, Earl bought a small Franklin Life Insurance agency.  Each Saturday morning he would give little pep talks to the salesmen, hoping to inspire and motivate them to be the best salesmen they could be.

One day Earl told his office manager that he planned to take a fishing vacation and would be away for a few weeks. Because the salesmen relied so heavily on their weekly pep talks from Earl, the manager expressed concern that sales would drop during Earl’s absence. Earl came up with the idea to record something that could be played while he was gone.

Earl thought about what he might write and turned the question over and over again in his mind. Then, one night, a short time later, he woke up and knew exactly what he wanted to say. He got up, went to his typewriter and wrote a short message. The next morning he recorded the message and pressed it on a record. The message contained the most valuable information Earl had ever learned - a conclusion of truth that he had searched for and found in every book he’d ever read since he was a child of nine.

Earl gave the recording to his manager and left on his fishing trip. When he returned, he was amazed at the reaction to the message. Everyone who had heard the record wanted one for themselves. Earl pressed more records for the salesmen. The salesmen played it, not only for themselves, but for their families and friends.  When the others heard it they wanted one, too.

Over the next thirteen years the demand for The Strangest Secret would grow so large that Earl accepted an offer of help to fulfill orders from an acquaintance, Lloyd Conant, who had a small mail order company. Together they formed the Nightingale-Conant Corporation of Chicago and became the founding pioneers and world leaders in the personal development industry.

The Strangest Secret went on to receive a Gold Record. The only spoken word recording to ever go Gold.

Meanwhile, Earl Nightingale’s success as a radio and later, television personality, continued to grow, as did the demand for him as a speaker. Earl’s radio program, Our Changing World, became the most highly syndicated radio program ever, and was heard across the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, South Africa, the Bahamas, 23 countries overseas, as well as the Armed Forces Network.

In 1985 Earl was inducted into The Radio Hall of Fame.

During his lifetime Earl Nightingale wrote and recorded over 7,000 radio programs, 250 audio programs as well as television programs and videos.

In the mid-eighties Earl wrote his first book, Earl Nightingale’s Greatest Discovery, for which he received the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal for Literary Excellency.

At the time of his death, in 1989, Earl’s multitude of recorded messages were played around the world, inspiring people from all cultures, nationalities and races, to live their lives to their fullest.

Today, Earl Nightingale is remembered as the greatest philosopher of his time, and his best selling programs and books continue to sell daily and inspire new generations around the world to reach their highest potential.

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