Eliminate doubt and fear

Doubts and fears should be rigorously excluded; they are disintegrating elements, which break up the straight line of effort.

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  1. Karen Newton
    4 years ago

    And how exactly do you get rid of doubts and fear? I was up most the night in fear over a situation. Couldn’t get my mind to be quiet

    • Arthur DeBlanc
      4 years ago

      Just be mindful at all times of the position each and every thought put you in then you can vanquish all lines of fear and doubt…thought plus action is history

  2. its always 5 or 95% of fear and doubt, its never in between, just alittle courageous attitude moves it from 5 -95% & vice versa

  3. Isaac Sakyi
    4 years ago

    Make it a decision to face ya fear nd it will disintegrate

  4. Derrell Stanfield
    4 years ago


  5. Arumora Ominigbo
    4 years ago