Impure thought

Impure thoughts of every kind crystallize into enervating and confusing habits, which solidify into distracting and adverse circumstances.

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  1. Steve Beke
    4 years ago

    Absolute truth

  2. Modisawame Balone
    4 years ago

    “you must become a meaningful specific rather than a wandering generality” closer I think.

  3. Bola Oyeniyi
    4 years ago

    perfect truth! well done

  4. Steve Verse
    4 years ago

    Politics in a nutshell.

  5. Udayan Raj
    4 years ago


  6. Blessed Ziyambe
    4 years ago

    this is true,impure thoughts should not be tolerated

  7. Jack Evans
    4 years ago

    Great book! (in my opinion)

  8. Shawn Briscoe
    4 years ago

    Lots of truth in this little book…and its free.