Lisa Jimenez: Facing Failure Without Fear

Lisa Jimenez Overcomes Fear of Failure

Lisa Jimenez is a Master of Facing Failure Without Fear

I was a member of Bob Proctor’s Mentoring Group (at the time he had no idea who I was) when he sent out an incredible book to us for our Book of the Month. He was so impressed with Lisa Jimenez’s Conquer Fear that he had purchased the first books off the press to distribute to his group.

It wasn’t long after that when we began to offer eBooks to our audience and we contacted Lisa about offering Conquer Fear in an eBook format. It quickly became one of our subscribers’ favorites and a teleseminar series with Lisa soon followed.

Lisa has spoken at every Claim Your Power Now event we’ve ever held and when you listen to today’s free gift you’re going to understand why.

Here’s Your Day Three Gift…

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  1. Peter
    7 years ago

    Thank you this helped me.

  2. Julie
    7 years ago

    Thank you Lisa, I should be very wealthy and successful by now after all the failures I have managed. I shall view them in a different light now & forge on.:)

  3. Bala
    7 years ago

    Last night when i did not see your mail, i was little disappointed. But then i thought, maybe no gifts on weekend!

    Listening to Lisa has been an eye opener. This is my first time listening to Lisa.

    Thanks for introducing 3 fantastic people in 3 days. Thank you!


  4. Sandi Stillings
    7 years ago

    Sent this to my WHOLE team! Not only is this great material but who can resist her engaging presentation & personality? She can say what needs to be said in an irresistable and refreshing way.
    We can ALL relate!!
    Love it!

  5. dolly
    7 years ago

    oh, the horror!

  6. Marie
    7 years ago

    Self-condemnation is a terrible thing which I continually battle. Thanks Lisa and Vic.

  7. Francisco
    7 years ago

    No question…Failure is an investment once embraced and lessons learned are captured to do different next time to create new opportunities…I myself have failed and pick myself up over and over getting stronger and facing fear right in the eyes…

    Lile the Phoenix Bird Mithodology:

    “…both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again…”

    Love your Presentation and wish to hear more

  8. Dwayne
    7 years ago

    Awesome lessons. I have learned something.

  9. Here is a fact that all of us must know since we´re kids,no to be afraid of failure,any failure,and not belive in what others tell about our decisions to take. We must have to fight against our fears and conquer the exit with all the courage and joy we have inside us.
    Thanks for the reflections and God Bless you, Lisa and Vic.

    Jpj. León, Gto, Mexico.

  10. Juan Sanchez
    7 years ago

    Fear will keep you away from happiness.
    Fear will keep you away from success.

    The lesson is great, thanks for sharing it with us. I will promoted with my team.

    Juan Sanchez

  11. Pat Champion
    7 years ago

    Fear,failure and rejection are the things that have been my biggest problems and feelings, because I have had so many. I love the paradygm shift that Lisa teaches. A whole different way of looking at these things and even mastering them! Wow thanks so much!

  12. GG
    7 years ago

    I Thank you for this knowledge it is so inspiring. GG