Not blaming others

He ceases to accuse others as the cause of his condition, and builds himself up in strong and noble thoughts; ceases to kick against circumstances, but begins to use them as aids to his more rapid progress, and as a means of discovering the hidden powers and possibilities within himself.

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  1. Danna Henderson
    4 years ago

    My friend Rick, he thinketh.

  2. Brenda Wilcher
    4 years ago


  3. Peter Mwaura Njua
    4 years ago

    That’s inspiration

  4. Derrell Stanfield
    4 years ago


  5. Yvette Andrews
    4 years ago

    Words of wisdom.

  6. I love this book!

  7. I remember my initially digesting this material as a student of psychology at Oliver Harvey College 1975. A most enlightening body of work.

  8. Fatin-Aaliyah Nour
    4 years ago

    So true…truth has no echo…

  9. Brenda Wilcher
    4 years ago

    I love this more today than yesterday. I will love it more tomorrow than today.