FINALLY: The solution to sleepless nights, dreary days, endless excuses, mind-numbing worry and the constant feeling of impending doom....

"Here’s How You Can Overcome
Fear of Failure, Fear of Rejection and More Than 15 Other Fears In As Little As 7 Days…Guaranteed!"

Do You Have a Paralyzing, Gut-Wrenching Fear or Mind-Numbing Worry That’s:

  • Causing You Anguishing Mental Pain?

  • Destroying Your Finances?

  • Ruining Your Health?

  • Hurting Your Relationships?

  • Damaging Your Business or Career?

  • Or Just Plain Old Making Your Life Miserable and Unbearable?

Then read on….this letter is for you!

From:  Vic and Lisa Johnson
Date:  Monday 6:57 PM
Melrose, Florida

Dear Friend,

It's enough to make you sick.

It causes some people a constant and gnawing pain in the pit of the stomach.

Others drink more or smoke more because of it.

It's killed more dreams and ruined more careers than all other causes combined.

Fear, and all of its cousins, doubt, worry and anxiety may be the worst enemies of the human species.

Do You Have The Dead Giveaway Signs That
Your Life is Controlled By Fear and Worry?

Our fears impact us physically, mentally and emotionally. They enhance our negative thinking and impair our normal perception, rationality and comprehension. They cause us to limit our expectations and to avoid taking undue risks or face complications. Although our fears are intended to be part of our survival instinct, they become a problem when they begin to interfere with our normal functioning,

 We can see their negative impacts on our results and our relationships. Over the course of our lives we become so habitually accustomed to our fears that we may not even notice their presence in our consciousness. As we learn to ignore our fears by pushing them down deep into our subconscious, we develop strange habits and self-limiting behavior under the illusion of leading normal lives, without feeling impaired or uncomfortable. In other words, we learn to how to rationalize (which is another way of saying we learn how to tell ourselves "rational lies")!


Do you find yourself with any of these conditions caused by fear, worry, doubt and anxiety:

  • Show big reluctance to make important decisions and take calculated risks?

  • Constantly worried about what other people think about you and worried that they'll think less of you if you take certain actions (fear of rejection)?

  • Suffer from low self-esteem and constantly underestimate yourself and your ability?

  • Stay within your comfort zone, unwilling to venture out and experience new things or meet new people?

  • Carry around a gnawing feeling of impending doom?

  • Irrational behavior (any kind of binge, ie., shopping, eating, drinking) followed by dark and gloomy guilt?

  • Prefer to stay in the same job or in the same unhappy relationship even if they are bankrupting you emotionally?

  • Avoiding deep communications with others for fear of exposing your weaknesses?

  • Avoid socializing or building friendships to minimize the chances of getting hurt or being exploited?

  • Hide your feelings and thoughts in front of others fearing disapproval from them?

  • Let things happen rather than taking control of them for fear of ridicule or criticism?

  • Constant procrastination and overall lack of initiative?

  • Undersell yourself due to the poor opinion and low expectation of yourself?

  • Physical symptoms like physical and mental tension, knot in the stomach, sweating, sleeplessness, indigestion or increased blood pressure, among others? 

Fear is the cause of many of our mental and physical diseases, ranging from phobias to asthma, high blood pressure, strokes and nervous conditions. Fear-filled words have the power to destroy, tear down, discourage, depress, malign, and even call into being death and disease.


Left unchecked, fear (and all its cousins) will keep you in a state of discouragement, frustration and denial.  In it's worst state it can destroy your business or career, your marriage, your health and your happiness.


But there's no need to live a half of a life, or no real life at all, because...

Finally... The Secrets To Overcoming Fear And Worry And Giving Yourself A New Lease On Life Are REVEALED

Fear, doubt and worries are constant problems for many people even during the best of economic times.  But now, with the biggest financial catastrophe since the Great Depression affecting many people, fear and worry have reached epidemic proportions.

We've heard from so many subscribers who've experienced some incredible and painful anxiety about what the future holds that we decided to pull together our very best trainings on the subject of How to Overcome Fear & Doubt.

Lisa Jimenez, author of Conquer FearIn our vault we found a life-changing four-session audio training that Lisa Jimenez, author of the best selling Conquer Fear!, did with us.  In the words of Angela Thrasher, who's used the program, "It gets to the heart of why we do what we do."  We also found a fear-busting DVD training that Lisa did that had audience members literally overcoming long-held fears right on the spot.  Along with that we've included an exercise-filled workbook that will have you making positive changes in as little as 24 hours.

Bob Proctor training on overcoming fear

And of course, one of the world's greatest trainers in overcoming fear and doubt is one of our mentors, Bob Proctor, star of The Secret DVD.  Bob's DVD training on Tear Down the Terror Barrier will open your eyes to the subconscious fears that are the results of paradigm programming that you may have never been aware of.  His practical steps to crossing the Terror Barrier will give you hope and encouragement! 

All together, this is the most thorough, single-best solution we have ever offered to blast away those nagging worries, the paralyzing fear, and the gut-wrenching anxiety that's kept you from reaching your full potential.

Overcome Fear Seminar CDs and Workbook

Your solution to overcoming fear and doubt starts with a four-session audio seminar complete with a downloadable workbook with exercises that will give you a new lease on life in record time.


Overcoming Fear DVD

Feature length DVD to help you claim your power now over fear, doubt and worry.

Bob Proctor Tear Down the Terror Barrier and Overcome Fear DVD

A second feature length DVD shows you how to Tear Down the Terror Barrier

And it continues with two feature length DVDs: Claim Your Power Now Over Fear and Tear Down the Terror Barrier.  All together, here's just a small part of what we'll show you:
bullet The 5 biggest dream killers and what you can do to avoid them.
bullet What your everyday habits say about your hidden fears and how to uncover and change them.
bullet Using the little known principle of L.O.A. (Law of Average) to overcome the fear of rejection.
bullet A simple five-minute technique to a breakthrough that will change your income forever!
bullet The small, subconscious tweak that will bring you massive self-esteem and incredible self-confidence.
bullet Easily avoid the life-killing power of negative self-fulfilling prophesies.
bullet Why almost everyone is wrong about millionaires and wealthy people and how it affects your ability to make money.
bullet How to quickly and easily think like a millionaire, by talking to your subconscious in the right language.
bullet The simple 3-step process to changing the impact of fear your life.
bullet The lesson that any child under the age of 2 can teach you about fear.
bullet How to use the self-integrity you already have to become successful in whatever you attempt.
bullet How your commitment will gain you everything you want.
bullet Re-programming the mental script that lies at the heart of all anxiety problems, ranging from nervousness and extreme worrying to anxiety disorders.
bullet The “gift” that all fear brings and how to use the gift to break through the life-limiting shackles of fear.
bullet How to quickly and easily use the universal principle of “like attracts like” to eradicate the attacks of worry and anxiety.
bullet The truth about procrastination, its real damage and the secret techniques that Champions use to “fool” themselves into "fear-busting" action.
bullet The key to eliminating the self-sabotaging behavior that brings your best efforts to a screeching halt and stunts your personal growth.
bullet How your words program you for success or mediocrity. Your self-talk can rapidly rocket you to success when you learn these simple step-by-step principles.
bullet And much, much more!

Overcome Fear, Doubt and Worry Now

Cures These Common Fears, Worries, Anxieties and More

  1. Fear of rejection and disapproval

  2. Fear of failure in life, profession, reaching goals, acceptance, relationships, actions and performance.

  3. Fear of success. Yes, some people actually fear succeeding. (it’s this fear and all of its cousins like worry, anxiety, and self-doubt) that paralyzes you, and keeps you from succeeding

  4. Fear of making decisions

  5. Fear of change

  6. Fear of confrontation

  7. Fear of loss

  8. Fear of death, pain, suffering, violence, conflict, injury and hurt

  9. Fear of losing control, of things getting out of control, of not being able to manage things and resources.

  10. Fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar, darkness, desolate places, new people, new places, new situations, new gadgets and new processes.

  11. Fear of authority, your boss, government, police, highly placed people, the organization you work for and religious institutions.

  12. Fear of loss of life, relationships, wealth, prestige, name, position, place, dignity, self-esteem, self-worth, respect, status, recognition, power and other things we love dearly.

  13. Subconscious fears that remain suppressed in our consciousness, unknown to us, but keep surfacing from time to time to act in self-sabotaging ways to limit our chances of success and happiness.

  14. Fear of being controlled, manipulated, harassed, exploited or cheated.

  15. And many others.

Overcome Fear, Doubt and Worry Now


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Bulletproof Your Belief DVD
Regular price $89.95
Free for orders received by midnight .

Our special DVD production of Bulletproof Your Belief will help you to:
  • Identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs and words that lead to destructive, self-sabotaging behavior. Get off the roller coaster and get onto the express lane to the goals and dreams you've always wanted.
  • Re-set your financial, emotional and mental thermostats to allow for the infinite increase in wealth in all areas of your life, including boatloads of money, nurturing and fulfilling relationships, and vibrant personal fitness.
  • Use the "insider's secret" to overcoming procrastination. Everybody is guilty of it, but the super-successful use this secret to blast through procrastination and create massive and ongoing momentum.

Change Your Mind Change Your Life eBook

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life! is a book about your future and the decisions you are making today, which will create that future.

By learning how the mind works, we understand how to break the cycles that keep us on the outside looking in, instead of where we truly wish to be.

The understanding found in this book will open your mind and your eyes to a world which has always been there; you just didn't know the questions to expose it to you.  eBook version sells for $12.95

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind eBook

Sells everyday for $11.66

Reader rating:

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Why is one person sad and another person happy? Why is one joyous and prosperous and another poor and miserable? Why is one fearful and anxious and another full of faith and confidence? Why does one have a beautiful, luxurious home while another lives out a meager existence in a slum? This million-selling classic by Dr. Joseph Murphy answers those questions and many more. According to Dr. Murphy, the answers lie in that region of our existence known as the subconscious. It is there that we have an almost “secret” power that only a small percentage ever learn to tap. This is a special eBook version of the original best-selling edition.

Overcome Fear, Doubt and Worry Now

Product Review - Angela Thrasher

"It gets to the heart of why we do what we do."

"Talk about a bull's eye. This course is right on the mark. It gets to the heart of "why" we do what we do. If you're ready to understand why you procrastinate, sabotage your efforts, are always late, etc., then this teleseminar is for you. This is the best telecourse I've taken in the last 2 years and I've taken telecourses from Jim Rohn, Randy Gage, Brian Tracy, Big Al just to name a few. For me, this is hands down the BEST one."

Angela Thrasher
Biloxi, MS


Overcome Fear, Doubt and Worry Now

Product Review - Jean Alleman

"I experienced a breakthrough that night and
the next day these behaviors changed."

"I went into my own business 7 years ago and wore many hats and placed great demands upon myself. I had very little time to myself. I was experiencing behaviors that were not common to me prior to the business venture. The first night of the Tele-Seminar, Lisa spoke of self-sabotage behaviors. There they were in black and white. I experienced a breakthrough that night and the next day these behaviors were changed."

Jean Alleman
Lafayette, LA


Overcome Fear, Doubt and Worry Now

Product Review - Richard Lowe

"I Am Now a Results Driven, Goal Setting, Target Hitting, Action Oriented, Go For More Individual!"

Your Program Is Absolutely On The Mark !!!! I have Spent Tons Of Money On Other Events, Traveling, Hotels, Airfares. Plus Time Consuming. You Keep It Simple Easy To Digest And Most Importantly Kept Me Focused. All In The Comfort Of My Home.

I Am Now A Results Driven, Goal Setting, Target Hitting, Action Oriented, (GO For More) Individual !!!

Richard Lowe
Old Bridge, NJ


Overcome Fear, Doubt and Worry Now

Product Review - Karl-Erik Lassenius

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This program has been a very good teacher at a critical period of my life. I felt opened perception and awareness, bricks falling in place in new and wondrous ways and am eagerly looking forward to seeing the developments over the next months, when everything moves from awareness to realization and manifestation."

Karl-Erik Lassenius


Overcome Fear, Doubt and Worry Now

Product Review - Jeff Keller

"I can see why you are changing many
 lives and inspiring many people."

"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your two tele-seminars, Lisa. You are a magnificent speaker, who presents with passion from your heart. The material is so valuable, so practical. I can see why you are changing many lives and inspiring many people. I learned a great deal from your programs. Keep up the phenomenal work!"

Jeff Keller, Author and Founder


Overcome Fear, Doubt and Worry Now


Let's Recap What You Get When You Act Today

Overcome Fear Complete Program

  How to Overcome Fear & Doubt 4-Session Audio CD Seminar with Workbook $149.00
Claim Your Power Now Over Fear DVD $89.95
Tear Down The Terror Barrier DVD $89.95
Bulletproof Your Belief DVD $89.95
Change Your Mind eBook edition $12.95
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind eBook $11.66

Yours Today (Over 7 Hours of Training)



Overcome Fear, Doubt and Worry Now

Try it --- you'll like it --- or you won't pay

Let's face it, if you've read this far then fear, doubt and worry are probably running rampant in your life.   So I invite you to try How to Overcome Fear & Doubt without risk.

In fact, you can replace that thought of fear about whether this is a wise use of your money with complete confidence that you'll either overcome your fear, doubt and worry in the next 90 days or we'll refund every nickel you've paid (including shipping) without hassle -- no questions asked.  And you can keep the bonuses as my way of saying thanks for being willing to give it a try.


Claim Your Copy of
How To Overcome Fear & Doubt Now

YES Vic and Lisa, I'm past ready to blast fear, doubt and worry out of my life forever. Please send me How to Overcome Fear & Doubt, and if I acted in time, the $114.56 worth of bonuses. I understand I'll get...

  • How to Overcome Fear & Doubt 4-Session Audio CD Seminar with Workbook

  • Claim Your Power Now Over Fear DVD

  • Tear Down The Terror Barrier DVD

  • Bulletproof Your Belief DVD

  • Change Your Mind eBook edition

  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind eBook

Total Package Value of $443.46


Add To Cart


It Simply Wipes Out Fear and Doubt With Blazing Speed...
But Only If You Act NOW!

What are you waiting for? Banish the blues forever, in as little as 3 days, as you play this program to your "Gloomy Gus" and watch those clouds roll away!

You'll have power to create an astonishing confidence in whatever you want to do.

Best of all, once  you've learned how to overcome the fear in your life you'll feel exhilarated --- lively --- upbeat and ready to take on every activity that comes your way. You'll be amazed at how easily you beat fatigue and have the boundless energy to do the things you love.

The painful fear that's controlled your life will be gone for good and you'll be on top of the world!

If you're like I was, sick and tired of being sick and tired, willing, almost desperate to be happy and free of fear and worry, then don't put it off any longer.  Act on any fear that's holding you back by ACTING NOW!

And PLEASE, keep us posted on your progress.  We're pulling for you and we know you can do it! 

Best of Success,
Vic and Lisa Johnson Signature
Vic and Lisa Johnson

P.S. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to apply all of these techniques.  Your FREE bonuses, Change Your Mind and The Power of Your Subconscious Mind will, allow you to begin immediately -- even before your CD and DVD program arrives.

P.P.S. All the FREE bonuses, including the Bulletproof Your Belief DVD, are yours to keep even if you take advantage of our no-risk 100% money-back guarantee.

Product Review - James Farrar

"It gets to the heart of why we do what we do."

"The program allowed me to have a major breakthrough to help find my life's purpose (I love the way Lisa looks at it as life's assignment). I am going to study Conquer Fear over and over again. I thank God for you helping me through my "terror barriers."

James Farrar

Independence, Ohio

Take The First Step to Overcoming Fear Now


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