Finally: The truth about all those insidious and deceitful lies about money and wealth that keep most people living in lack and deprivation...

"The Astonishingly Easy Secrets to Using What You Already Have To Achieve Anything You Want"

"Every human being has been 'Born Rich.' It's just that most people are temporarily a little short of money! With those words Bob Proctor begins his International best-selling book You Were Born Rich."

To say this book has changed lives is an understatement. One reader was so overcome by its simple truths that he bought 30,000 copies for the people in his company!

It was that kind of success that led Bob and fellow Canadian, John Kanary, to develop the You Were Born Rich seminar and audio/video program. Like the book, the seminar and program have touched thousands of lives around the globe. A subscriber, Leone S., recently wrote, "I attended this seminar in New Zealand in June of this year and am now working with the visualisation, audio tapes and workbook every day. I have attended many personal growth workshops over the past 15 years and Born Rich is really the most amazing seminar I have experienced. Every time I re-listen to the tapes I learn something deeper."

For the first time ever, this "amazing seminar" was conducted in a special tele-seminar format. In the personal and intimate environment of a small group, Bob and John shared some of the concepts that have made this seminar a blockbuster hit around the globe.

Here's just some of the secrets you'll learn:

  • Why your self esteem and self image has everything to do with your current life's results and how to quickly develop a "big money image."
  • The Keys to breaking through the "Terror Barrier" that's holding you back from going after what you really want.
  • The concept of money, how YOU think about it, and how you SHOULD think about it.
  • Using the "Vacuum Law of Prosperity" -- the Universe can't give you what you want until you let go of what you're holding onto.
  • Getting financially organized for greater income increases.
  • How to recognize and use the Law of Vibration to make succeeding easy.
  • Steps to letting go of the past that holds you back from the life you deserve.
  • The Comfort Zone - why you must break out of it and how to do it.
  • Tapping into your creative power (we all have it) for phenomenal, surprising changes.
  • The keys to living on a higher level of conscious awareness that will explode the wealth opportunities in your life.
  • Permanently changing your attitude and expectation of abundance.
  • The fastest and easiest way to change any bad habit.
  • Understanding universal laws - how everything in your life (or future life) has been or can be attracted into your life.
  • Why risk taking isn't as risky as it seems and how to easily overcome your fear of risks.

Turn Your Speakers On And Listen To These Incredible Lessons

"Lack and limitation can only exist when we make room for them in our mind."

Bob Proctor

About Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is an Author, Consultant, Fortune 500 Trainer and Star of The Secret DVD as well. These are just a few of the hats Bob Proctor successfully wears.

For more than 40 years, he has focused his agenda around helping people create lush lives of prosperity, rewarding relationships and spiritual awareness. Bob's seminars and recordings will show you how to BE more, DO more, and HAVE more.

His extraordinary teaching ability has won him acclaim around the globe and carried the Canadian-born motivator to the far reaches of the earth. He is as well known in Australia and Malaysia as he is in Alberta and Mississippi. Testimony to his ability to reach people and teach them how to become successful is his work in the insurance industry. In this bastion of self-starters and personal motivation, Bob has conducted corporate sponsored seminars in North America and abroad for some of the world's largest insurance companies. To his credit, he has generated a long list of phenomenal individual success stories.

An unabashed entrepreneur, his philosophies are set forth in his international best-seller, You Were Born Rich where he encourages people to prepare for their own success by revising their attitudes toward wealth.

About John Kanary

John Kanary has spent the last 30 years conducting thousands of workshops, working with some of the most acclaimed minds in the field of personal development, all the while honing his own formidable skills.

With powerful mentors like Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill, John has become one of the most effective teachers in his field. John is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Breaking Through Limitations, and was the feature subject in one of the chapters of Bob's You Were Born Rich. In a profession where 80% of the people have never actually practiced what they preach, John Kanary is the rare exception.

"The power in this program comes from the incredible simplicity that is used to explain the ages-old Laws of the Universe...and how to apply them in your life!"

What others have said:

We've both had the pleasure of sharing many stages with Bob Proctor. It is a privilege because we believe he possesses a great and rich knowledge of how the mind can be programmed to operate at its fullest potential. No other teacher alive teaches these concepts as clearly and accurately.

Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield,
co-authors, #1 Best-Seller Chicken Soup for the Soul

This man has the ability to reduce the most complicated concepts in life to the simplest form. He can and does explain how to turn any idea you can think of into physical results.

Vic Conant,
President, Nightingale-Conant Corporation

"I have shared many hours with Bob Proctor in my home. I am fascinated by his depth of knowledge and understanding of the mind and why we do what we do. Listen to him. He communicates so clearly and effectively. If you want to make a major shift in your life, this man will definitely show you how.

Jay Abraham,
Master Marketer - Fortune 500 Consultant
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  • Printable Seminar Workbook

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A fully downloadable eBook copy of You Were Born Rich, the International Best Seller by Bob Proctor, that will open your eyes to the deep reservoirs of talent and ability that lie deep within you. As one reader wrote, "I was given a copy of this book last year and it literally changed my life. I have been reading personal development books for over 20 years and have been impressed by quite a few but Born Rich knocks them all dead."

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Making the Impossible Possible was recorded from a live Bob Proctor Tele-Seminar and includes a 16 page downloadable study guide. Learn how to live life on another level by turning your impossible thoughts into possible results!

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Bonus #3: Interviews conducted by Mike Litman

One of the most popular interviews conducted by best-selling author Mike Litman (Conversations with Millionaires) was his riveting hour with Bob Proctor. Here's the live, uncut version when you order today.

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VicsTipNo one has influenced my life more in the past fifteen years than Bob Proctor. Ask many of the folks on our tele-seminar and they'll tell you the same. It was incredible --- as good as I've ever heard Bob. We had some great breakthroughs --- one gentleman said he'd lived almost seven decades with the wrong ideas about money --- until he heard Bob and John on this tele-seminar. If you're ready to live life at a level you can't even imagine today, get started with this tele-seminar today - Vic

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