Vic Johnson's Mentor of the Month
Here's how it works
  • Once a week for four weeks, from the comfort of your home or office, you’ll call in to a special group phone number (long distance rates apply) and enter a special PIN code to gain access to your tele-seminar.

  • Each session will last one hour and you’ll be using a special, downloadable Workbook that you’ll receive before the start of your first session.

  • Participants will call in from all over the United States and the world, so you'll experience points of view and ideas from a variety of people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

  • Because of the relative anonymity of this type of format, many participants report it is easier to share personal concerns and situations.  Participants feel safer to take more risks, leading to higher insights and breakthroughs. People also report the comfort they feel by hearing they are not alone in their concerns.
  • If you have to miss a call, you can catch up the next day (or later) by calling in to a recording of the session.  Within a few days, you can access the session on the Internet.  Sorry, but no refunds are issued for missed calls
  • Be an active or passive student.  Just want to listen in to the teaching and question and answer session, that's fine.  Or, feel free to ask about that nagging circumstance that's been holding you hostage.
  • Because of phone line limitations, enrollment is limited to first-come, first-serve.

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