Vic Johnson's Mentor of the Month
Four powerful sessions that will teach you how to live debt free and retire rich!

Let the Wealth Diva, Loral Langemeier,
show you the tips, tricks and techniques that
thousands have already used to take
financial control of their life.

  Most people are looking for the magic pill when it comes to wealth building. Because you may have been conditioned in school to memorize, regurgitate and get the "A", most people want to do the same with wealth building.

They want the magic formula to memorize and think that if they do it "right" they will have the "A." They will be rich. The bad news is that wealth building does not happen like that.

Wealth Building is about a series of HIGHLY strategic actions based on a plan for your life....not a template.

The good news is that Wealth Building is a creative, SIMPLE process that occurs at a time WHEN you commit.

"Until One has taken a committed, decisive first step, the 'next steps' will not be shown" - Loral 2003

Let me ask you this...

If you are not leading your Wealth Team... who is?
If you are not in the conversation about money... who is?
If you are not living out loud about your vision... who is?
If you are not role modeling success for your family/children... who is?
If you are not pacing your revenue to new performing assets... who is?
The right answer to ALL of the above questions MUST BE YOU.

Yes, there's an awesome responsibility that goes with wealth building and financial freedom. Money will not come to confusion. It comes to clarity.

If you are not clear and focused on what you want, how will you get it? Who will you serve?

You will have a wandering financial life versus a life that you could design for financial freedom day!

My Money Choices™ is a four-session tele-seminar, recorded before a live audience, that will help you create a personal action plan to eliminate the stress and worry of daily financial life!   It will set you free to get on with creating and achieving what you want! 

My Money Choices™ will help you:

  • Establish a personal Financial Wealth Cycle™
  • Learn the language and vocabulary of money
  • Start using the same money rules the wealthy do
  • Identify the real causes of debt in your life
  • Learn how to create a new truth about money
  • Use the natural law of increase
  • Create your own personal financial plan

The power in this program comes from the changing of old beliefs and habits toward money combined with a plan of simple and understandable action steps that will put you solidly on the road to a debt-free life of abundance.

Listen to this excerpt from Lesson Three

"Loral is the best kept secret in the financial industry. Her work, particularly with women and the creation/building of their wealth, is unmatched. Take every opportunity you can to see her in action."
– Mark Victor Hansen - Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series
   Chicken Soup for the Soul®

Four Sessions to Freedom from Financial Challenges:

Lesson One:  Wealth Goals and the Language of Money

Lesson Two:   Your Wealth History and Financial Limits

Lesson Three:   Your Financial Process and Possibilities

Lesson Four:   The Spiritual Connection to Money


Bob Proctor says:

If you are ready to make a major paradigm shift, follow Loral Langemeier's counsel. I can honestly say she is one of the most powerful people I know. Plus the guidance she offers comes from her own personal experience; she knows how to make things happen."

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What Participants say:

“This is a no holds barred approach to seriously helping people turn their financial situations around.  Would and will recommend to any and everyone!!  Congratulations on a top notch, first rate program!” - Madeleine Rosemond, Dallas, TX

Very good, eye opening." - Trent Clark, Flower Mound, TX

"Since this is the first teleseminar I have participated in, I really didn't know what to expect...Loral does an outstanding job of explaining financial issues and taking some of the mystery out of creating wealth." - Theresa Oatman, San Jose, CA

"This program was an eye opener for me, it helped me get out of my 'Oh, I make enough, we can cover it' attitude.  The numbers don't lie, this program has been a turning point in my life, no question. Thank you for helping me turn the wheel or kicking me in the butt.."- Timothy Clippinger, Harrisburg, PA

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Bonus #1

Downloadable eBook Building Wealth Foundations by Loral Langemeier, the perfect companion for the course workbook.




Note:  Book above can be ordered from Amazon.  The bonus mp3 audio includes information contained in the book.

Bonus #2

Tax Reduction Strategies, a fully downloadable mp3 audio of Loral's exclusive interview of Sandy Botkin, former IRS Insider and author of the current #1 best-seller on taxes, Lower Your Taxes - Big Time!




   Several years ago I met a very dynamic lady named Loral Langemeier was mentored by some financial heavyweights.  Armed with their teaching, she became an expert in financial literacy and then a millionaire in just four short years. When I heard her do a seminar for the first time she was nothing short of incredible and that's why we invited her to do this tele-seminar.  We were not disappointed!! After just four sessions, participants in the tele-seminar had experienced amazing transformations in their financial lives.  You'll hear some of them on this program -- and you'll experience the same kind of life-altering thinking that they did.   Click here to start changing your financial future today   Click here for CD  - Vic


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