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“The changes that have occurred in me in the last year have completely changed my life on how I thought about myself, how I thought about what I can make as an income, how I can become more of a person that I want to be and not just a person that the world dictates. I dictate my future now. I have grown so much and so far, it has really been incredible.”
Bill Loyd, Browns Valley, CA

“I have gone through some tears this morning in just realizing how important this has been in my life and what a big change it’s making for me.”
Donna Miller, Frenchtown, NJ

“The number one thing I’m taking away from this is focus…it’s been a major breakthrough for me to get back and do better business.”
Brian Kennedy, Jacksonville, NC

“I cannot wait to get back to what I was doing in a different way, with a whole different perspective. It’s just changed everything that I’m seeing right now.”
Kevin Johnson, Chicago, IL
“A mindboggling, eye-opening, heart-wrenching weekend that has made me realize that I truly do have the power within myself to accomplish my goals.”
Cathy Martinkus, Pocola, OK
“The biggest thing that I got was I can now make decisions. And I am just so blessed knowing that changing my thinking, changes my life.”
Cindy Meredith, Pittsburgh, PA