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thought of the dayMy Daily Insights is a great free service that will help you get "programmed" with right thinking.  Every weekday it's a short, uplifting thought for the day to help you get your day off to a great start.  Every Friday there's a real short story of inspiration or motivation. Here's an example:

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But that's not the only reason to get your free subscription.  You'll love the unlimited free Inspirational eCards you can send, the Cool Click of the Day and the MDI Big Deal.

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I used to start every morning by spending almost two hours devouring the local newspaper.  After I'd read about all the murders, rapes, embezzlements, drug overdoses and all other manner of mayhem, I'd head to the office --- and always wondered why I felt so bad when I got there :-)  For over ten years now I've started every day by reading an inspirational or motivational thought of the day, and it's amazing what's happened in my life...or is it?

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